Runnymede St Edward's Preparatory School

Runnymede is an Independent Catholic Preparatory School for boys and girls aged 3-11 years

Part of the Edmund Rice Family, we welcome children of all faiths

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1. My child is not Catholic, could he/she still be considered for a place?
Runnymede welcomes children of all faiths.

2. What secondary schools do pupils generally progress to?
Runnymede St Edward’s School prepares its pupils for selective and non-selective secondary education, giving them a good grounding in all areas for life ahead. Parents are encouraged to apply to a number of secondary schools and are fully supported by the school during this transition process.
Our pupils are consistently offered places at a variety of Merseyside’s schools including The Bluecoat School, Belvedere, Liverpool College, St Edward’s College, Merchant Taylors Boys, Merchant Taylors Girls and St Mary’s College.

3. Do you cater for children with Special Educational Needs?
Please contact the school to discuss your child’s specific needs.

4. What are your class sizes and what is your maximum capacity per class?
Class sizes can differ from year to year. Please contact us to discuss current vacancies.

5. Do you follow a healthy eating regime? Are copies of the lunch menus available?
Yes. All our food is freshly cooked on the premises. Click here for our sample menus.

6. What is your policy with regard to bullying?
We have a strict anti-bullying policy. Please contact us for a copy.

7. Where is the school uniform purchased?
Regulation uniform clothing and other items are available from the school uniform supplier. Click here for details

8. Do children have the chance to take part in sporting competitions?
At Runnymede we have a strong sporting tradition and take part in various sporting events e.g. football, rugby, cricket, netball, hockey, rounders, swimming and many more.

9. Do you arrange any residential trips?
There are opportunities in Years Five and Six for children to take part in residential activities. Currently Year Five are involved in a three day Adventure Activities residential trip and Year Six in an Outdoor Pursuits residential week.

10. Do you arrange day trips?
Yes children regularly go on day trips to places such as Chester, Llandudno and many more educational trips.

11. Does every child take a school lunch?
Yes, every child is required to take a school lunch.

12. My child has specific dietary requirements. Can you cater for these?
Yes. We can cater for your child’s specific dietary requirements.

13. My child is Muslim and has a strict diet to follow. Would you be able to ensure that the appropriate food would be available for him/her?
Yes. Our catering staff are made aware of each child's special dietary requirement and do their best to cater for your child.

14. Is there any exclusion from Religious Education lessons?
Religious Education and Collective Worship are a vital, integral part of the school curriculum and are compulsory.

15. Is it possible to look around Runnymede and see classes working?
Yes. Our Admissions Officer would be delighted to host your visit to the school during a normal working day. Please call us or click here for details.

16. Can Runnymede children use all of the facilities on the campus?
We operate and manage the sports facilities in conjunction with St. Edward’s College. The use of the Astroturf pitches, sports fields and a swimming pool give our pupils the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sporting activities.

17. I have a little time to spare each week – do you ever use volunteer parents to help?
We have a number of parents and grandparents who do volunteer some of their time during the week to read with our children. We always welcome help.

18. You are Choir School to the Metropolitan Cathedral. If I wanted my child to be auditioned as a chorister what is the procedure?
Parents need to contact the Director of Music, Chris McElroy, at the Cathedral or view the Cathedral's website for details of the next audition. 

19. Are there any private music lessons available for children?
Yes. From Year 3, the children have the opportunity to learn various musical instruments and singing – they are also encouraged to join the school choir and orchestra, with various concerts being staged by pupils throughout the school year and to enter Royal Schools of Music examinations.

20. I have to be at work early in the morning and cannot return in time for the children leaving. Do you have any facilities I am able to use before and after school?
We operate a Before and After School Club daily from 7.45am and from 3.20pm – 6.00pm. It is necessary to register for this facility. Please click here for the registration form.

21. If my child is offered a place in the Nursery, will he be able to continue the rest of his school career at Runnymede?
Yes. Most of our children start in our Nursery and continue their education to Year 6.

22. What extra-curricular activities do you offer for the children? Do you charge for these?
There are extra-curricular activities taking place most lunch times and after school. There is no charge for these activities. However, children can also take part in Football Club, Judo Club and Drama which are run by external companies. There is a charge for these activities.

23. Do you encourage parents to come into school?
At Runnymede we operate an ‘Open Door Policy’. Parents are actively encouraged to come into school. However, in some circumstances, an appointment will need to be made.

24. If parents have a problem they need to discuss with a teacher, do they have easy access to that member of staff?
Yes. Staff are normally available to discuss any problems that parents may have. However, in some circumstances, an appointment will need to be made.


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